About Us

Looop is a private equity venture capital group which is comprised of numerous corporate entities with independent business activities. They have common ownership and shared management resources.

Looop began as a property based family owned enterprise which evolved over 50 years of commercial activity, being founded by the late Jakob Friedmann. Today Looop operates internationally in property development, property management (both commercial and retail), wholesale, import/export and also provides capital and management support for the commercialisation of a variety of development and research projects.

Looop now has interests in South East Asia, China, Hong Kong, the Middle East, South Africa and the USA and maintains offices in those regions. The head office operates out of Australia.

Looop draws on significant financial and human resources ranging from accounting, legal and banking experts, as well as their organisations and firms. In addition, significant relationships have been developed with international business associations and lobbyists; cultivated in over 50 years of successful growth.