Looop USA

HQ Developments, in joint venture with Looop USA, has the real estate venture goal to put together one of the most valuable portfolios of Creative Office buildings in West Los Angeles. The portfolio includes buildings on Leahy Street, Crystal Rose in Jefferson Boulevard and La peer in West Hollywood. Latest project is Cahuenga. In addition to these, 2 apartments have just been purchased in the Ritz Carlton, Downtown, in partnership with 'Aussie Boy'.

Creative space is generally characterized by an adaptive reuse of existing commercial or industrial buildings predating 1970, a use of environmentally conscious building materials and systems, and the use of design features that foster collaboration, free-flowing discussions, and sharing of ideas. These spaces interact well with the surrounding environment, utilizing walk-up entries, large windows and skylights that open, street level parking, unique landscape fixtures, and outdoor space for patios, picnic tables, or other seating and recreational amenities. Inside, creative spaces feature a premium of open space, high, exposed ceilings, extensive natural light, large meeting/social areas, fibre optic connectivity, and various other unique designs, furnishings, finishing materials, water features, and vegetation.

The new workplace environment is used as a branding and image tool to sustain and inspire the workforce. The design recommits the creative company to an environment of collaboration, where ideas inevitably collide.


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